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New to Planted By Faith


Planted By Faith Community

Shalom, my name is Lourenco Fowler, I am the pastor of Planted By Faith. I want to welcome and thank you personally for visiting our site. We are so pleased of your interest in our community. I consistently pray The Most High would awaken to Lost Sheep of Israel and that we would be well prepared for the return of the Messiah. I want you to feel confident that regardless of the trials and suffering of our people, our Creator sees, knows, and remembers every detail and is waiting to recompense the wicked of the world and rescue His people from their enemies. 

  • What To Expect

You can expect to receive a letter in the mail  from our Pastor(s) the following week of your visit with us. This letter is to thank you for sharing your time with us and to inform you of our upcoming events.

You can expect a heartfelt worship service which prayerfully will uplift your spirit! We believe we must teach and admonish one another in Biblical psalms and spiritual songs, lifting up the highest Hebraic todah to The Most High. (Col. 3:16)  

You can expect our Pastor to stand and deliver precept upon precept in his own unique way. Be prepared to receive Yahuah power, love, discipline and wisdom through His word.

  • What To Wear

We are a church that understands that true worship requires no dress code. You are free to wear what you have to any gathering that is available at PBF. We do ask that you dress in a manner worthy of sons and daughters of The Most High God. We promise that if you arrive with a heart to serve and enter into true worship you will not feel out of place.

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