Humble Beginnings

Witnessing The Blessing's Of Yah

   Planted By Faith opened it’s doors at 100c Miller Road. Mauldin, South Carolina 29662 on October 5th, 2010. We were honored and humbled to share a building with Imani School Of Dance at the time. We begun our empowerment services on Tuesday evenings at 7:00 p.m., as we prepared our hearts and mind for our first gathering. On the Saturday before our first service the entire bible study group came together to set up from the pulpit to the back door. Although we were tired from building, toting, decorating, and sitting out chairs; we closed out with a prayer of dedication, as we anticipated the move of Yah the following day. On November 7th, 2010 we had our first gathering, in attendance was 98 to be exact and it was clear that Yah was with us. Seven people joined the ministry—Yah perfect number, and we continued to grow weekly thereafter.


   On December 5th, 2010, God blessed PBF to lease our own building and we relocated on December 19th, 2010 to 433 W. Butler Road. Mauldin, South Carolina 29662. In January 2011, the PBF church family purchased our very own van-paid in full. We continued at this location two years lifting up the name of Jesus.

   October 31, 2012, Yah blessed us to relocated to 21 E. Faris Road. Greenville, South Carolina 29605. There we signed a purchase agreement, moving from 1,100 sq. ft. to 11,ooo sq. ft. On December 23rd, 2012, with the help of our community working effortlessly, we dedicated this house of prayer back to our Elohim. Today, we remain committed to reaching the lost sheep of the house of Israel Matt 17:24As we continue to plant Yah word, we've been commanded to tell those who acknowledge they are lost physically, spiritually and have been scattered into all countries; that the  King of The Jews is soon to return. ~Despise not small beginnings

Community precept schedule 

We gather each Sunday @ 10:15 a.m. and Wednesday @ 7:00 p.m.


21 E Faris Rd.

Greenville, SC 29605

Phone: 864.412-5578

Email: pbfcf@yahoo.com


At Planted By Faith we embrace cultural development and community involvement. We believe in tribal principles, such as Ubuntu, I am because we are!  We strive to create an atmosphere where individuals can worship Yah through biblical psalms, and holy  precepts .


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